Recommendations for Future Iterations

We are committed to helping Publishing Unbound to serve as part of an ongoing conversation, rather than the final word on the state of Canadian publishing. To that end, we offer the following recommendations for future iterations of similar events:

  1. Try to ensure the organizing committee includes representation from communities impacted by the topics being addressed at the event. 
  2. Prioritize giving speakers honoraria in recognition of the value of their time. 
  3. Prioritize the inclusion of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of colour) participants and others who are significantly underrepresented in the publishing industry. 
  4. Prioritize the inclusion of disabled participants and ensure full accessibility of the event, including all-gender washrooms, ASL interpreters, etc. 
  5. Establish protocols of information-sharing with participants in advance; be transparent and open about how information is being recorded and what will be done with it. 
  6. Establish norms of discussion facilitation at the beginning of the event. Clarify how people will be called upon to speak. If possible, have experienced facilitators who are prepared for difficult conversations.  
  7. Communicate your decision-making processes as clearly as possible to participants and to the public. 
  8. To reduce budget costs, consider focusing on the local publishing industry while using social media, video conferencing, or other methods to disseminate conversations more widely. 
  9. Expand available resources through partnerships between organizations, e.g. colleges and universities, professional associations, and so on.
  10. If there are concrete outcomes planned, either make time to accomplish them during the event or make sure there is money in the budget to hire someone–preferably someone from one of these underrepresented groups to complete them after the fact; participants are likely to be overtaxed and unable to contribute additional unpaid labour.